09 May 2016

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05 January 2015

With this new year, we are opening our Silat/Bladetech class to everyone and anyone! 

There is no need to pass our Phase 1 Kickboxing class just to learn Silat anymore. 
You may now choose either Kickboxing, Silat/Bladetech or even better, learn both at a special rate! 

Also, what's more exciting than having three Silat classes per week?! 
Yes, we have turned our Monday night 8.00pm classes into a Silat session where all Silat members are required to attend. 

Come join us and have a fit 2015!

Happy New Year!

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30 May 2014


Only RM 100 for a pair!
RM85 for the white and red gloves (second from the right).

*Just print out the picture above (coloured or b&w) and show it upon purchasing your gloves. 

*Promotion runs till 30th June! 

*Exclusively for Jak Othman's members. 

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11 October 2013

The Harimau Berantai Pencak Silat International has awarded five titles and two appreciation awards to six of our very own Silat practitioners at the Jak Othman Kickboxing and Martial Arts Studio last September 5.

Mahaguru Pendita Hajah Ramintan Samingo, who visited the studio for the first time, led the awards presentation in front of 60 students during the Hari Raya Open House at the SS 15 Subang Jaya Studio.

The Guru Muda (Young Teacher) titles were awarded for the very first time to two experienced Silat practitioners, Norshahnizam Nordin and Nurul Helmi for their years of devotion.

The three Pendekar titles were honoured to Azilan Ahmad, Ed Chard, and Wan Yusmar. 

Together with the titles, Guru Nizam, Guru Helmi, Pendekar Azilan Ahmad, Pendekar Ed Chard and Pendekar Wan Yusmar were thrilled to receive a traditional spear called ‘tombak mayang mengurai’ each.

Pendekar Ed and Pendekar Scott Msquaid were also appreciated with Wira (Warrior) titles after their runners-up finish in the Tempur Bersenjata (armed combat) at the Silat Warisan Mahaguru 2011 at Perak. 

Puteri Nuraqidah Ismaroom, on the other hand, was the only girl to receive the Srikandi Muda title.

On another note, it was early this year that Kru Jak Othman was promoted to the highest honour of the rank, “Ajarn” (head instructor) while Nor Shahnizam Nordin was awarded the distinguished title of “Kru” (instructor) by the King Tiger Muay Thai Kickboxing International Organisation in acknowledgement of their dedication, contribution and practice in this discipline.

Both Ajarn Jak and Kru Nizam received the golden sacred headpiece “mongkol” each.

*Traditionally “mongkol” is woven together by thread, silk and rope material which is then selected for worship by the Thai angel Dhewada. "Mongkol" are only given to a skilled and experienced fighter who has learned a great deal of knowledge about Muay Thai.*

"Tombak Mayang Mengurai" that were awarded to the Guru Muda and Pendekar

Kru Norshahnizam Nordin's certificate and the golden "mongkol"  that was received earlier this year

From left: Pendekar Azilan, Pendekar Yusmar, Guru Nizam,
Mahaguru Ramintan, Pendekar Ed, Pendekar Scott

Some of the Kickboxing and Silat students with Mahaguru Ramintan

Those who lasted the night finishing up the 'nasi briyani' and chocolate cakes! 

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