22 April 2013

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Meanwhile, here are some pictures from last week's classes.

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17 April 2013

It is the studio's tradition that the Khru will take our members on a training camp at the beautiful Teluk Nipah beach of Pangkor Island; a paradise destination just under four hours drive from Subang Jaya. Pangkor is Perak's most talked about island; where fresh air, pearl white sand beaches, clear water, coral fishes, hornbills and monkeys await the arrival of visitors. On top of all these beautiful stuff, our beach is just opposite Pulau Giam, a beautiful coral island, home of many coral fishes and delicious calamari. No sharks off course! All these plus us (studio members) make Pangkor one AWESOME place to be!  

Khru Nizam and his instructors promoted the camp for a month before the due date. Two guest instructors will be conducting classes for this camp. First was our own Grandmaster, Ajarn Professor Jak Othman. The other was Negeri Sembilan's No 1. Silat Seni Gayong Grandmaster Dato Paduka Dr. Ishak Hassan; a direct student of the legendary late Mahaguru Dato’ Meor Abdul Rahman Uda Hashim. The response was fantastic. Over 30 members had shown interest to participate in the camp. Unfortunately many had to pass it because of last minute work and study commitment. However, more members pop up to join the camp. By the April 12 2013, there were 28 weekend warriors confirmed to join the camp.  

On the April 13 2013, as early as 7 am, members arrived and gathered at the studio. There were little Izzat, Big Ali, Jet, Wevind, Navee, Zaid, Orochi, Bekzod, John, Faza, Ainaa and Naemah, all looking very excited. Khru Nizam and his instructors Ken, Puteri, Ruch and Jordan were early too. They were expecting five participants to drive everyone to the destination. Unfortunately by 8.15 am only three were available that morning. The other two for some reason cannot be contacted. We had eight participants stranded without transport. You should see Khru Nizam’s face at the time.  Ajarn Jak arrived with his family solved the problem. He volunteered to take some and also allowed instructor Ken to drive his other car (vintage red hot BMW) to take the rest of the members on board. Around 9 am, the group left for Pangkor Island.    

Around 12.30 pm all five cars and Dato’ Paduka Dr. Ishak’s Perdana arrived at the Lumut Jetty terminal. Meg and fiancée Praveen were there too. They drove separately from the group. Pendekar Ed Chard were already on the island the day before as he had things planned for a longer weekend.  They all had lunch before getting on board to the ferry to Pangkor. Approximately 2.30pm the journey continued. It was a beautiful day, the sun was shining and they could see Pangkor island not so far away.

Khru Nizam called for a briefing at the open air deck of the ferry. Ajarn Jak was there to greet the participants and he spoke about the local customs, do's and don’t on the island. This was necessary because 30% participants were foreign students. He also talked about the guest, Grandmaster Dato’ Dr. Ishak Hassan who is one of his martial arts mentors. Khru Nizam briefed the participants on camp schedule. It was all nice and easy, since it was holiday camp. The special classes will be at 5.30pm of the first day, where the Dato’ will be teaching old school methods of strengthening the body. Ajarn Jak will take the sarong fighting class on the next day at 10 am. Apart from these classes, it was holiday in paradise. ‘Enjoy yourself. The beach is yours! ’, he concluded the brief.

Around 3.30pm they arrived at the D’ Senja Resort which is situated right on the beach. The hotel rooms were OK. Clean, cool air- con and Ok lah bed with hot showers.  The guys recovered quickly from the ‘roller coaster’ish taxi ride. They wasted no time. Headed straight to the beach a few steps away from the hotel rooms and jumped into the beautiful clear water. It was fantastic! They loved it!

Dato’s class

Around 5.30pm they all gathered at the garden of the hotel for the first class of the camp. The Dato’ stepped out of his room all dressed up in his season Silat Seni Gayong attire. He looked like a warrior from the ancient time. Ajarn Jak introduced him to the participants and the Dato’ started his class talking about his tutelage days under the modern icon of Malay silat that is the late Mahaguru Dato’ Meor Abdul Rahman Uda Hashim. He showed the participants his album of photos with the legendary Grandmaster. He emphasised how his teacher taught him that a martial artist must have strong mind and body to excel.  In order achieve these; one must first learn to relax the mind, before working on the body to make it strong. There is no short cut. Just train. Train and keep training! He talked about cultivating one’s will power which will change martial artists into real warriors. Suddenly with one swift move the Dato’ turned and strike a palm tree with his bare hand. Full blast! Just like you see in the movies! Some fragments of the bark flew off the tree! The participants were stunt! There was one damaging move! He then proceeds to teach the participants old school training methods to strengthen the body. Everybody tried the exercises and loves it. Everybody was so engrossed with the old school training methods, time flew so fast and around 7 pm the Dato’ concluded his class. He was honored with a standing ovation by the participants. Everybody headed back to beach to catch the last moments of swimming before sunsets. Around 7.20pm they gathered on to see the spectacular view of the sun setting behind Giam Island. Simply breathtaking!

Around 8pm everybody went to the beach restaurants. It was free and easy. They were divided into several groups. Ajarn Jak and wife had Chinese. They had sambal prawns, fried kalian in oyster sauce and Cantonese taufoo. With good food and drink for two, the Ajarn spent just RM50. The Dato’ and wife had grilled fish at a Malay restaurant on the Teluk Nipah side walk. Wevind and his gang also ate their grilled seafood at the same restaurant. Khru Nizam took the rest of group to a cute seafood restaurant right on the other end of Teluk Nipah beach. They had grilled fresh fishes, sweet and sour siakap, fried squid, grilled cockles and stirred fried vegetables with white rice. The dinner cost them RM12.50 per head, food and drinks. That was a bargain.

Around 10 pm the party games commenced at the foyer of the hotel with game masters Meg and Jordan. Everybody except Pendekar Ed ,the Dato and wife; joined the games. The Pendekar hired a cheap bike and went too Pasir Bogak town to watch the Arsenal vs. Norwich game at a pub. The Dato’ and wife took a moon light walk on the beach. Ajarn Jak and wife stayed for an hour or so before retiring for the day. But the party games was kept going till 1 am in the morning. Lights out for the last man standing was 2 am. Zzzzzzz........

Good morning  
The early birds for the group were up at 6am. They were Kru Nizam and his instructors. They went looking for sea shells on the beach. By 8 am they had collected a vast array of shells and the most unique species are the one that look like semi precious stone. According to the Ajarn, in ancient times the natives believe these stones are good luck charms. Today, they are just left on beach of Pangkor no longer used for that particular purpose. Khru Nizam, Jordan, Ken and Meg took back a few homes with them. So these guys are going to be rich soon. Ha!!!

Typical Malaysian breakfasts were served at the beach stalls and restaurants. The guys spent an average of RM 5-7 for breakfast which was not bad at all. Around 10am the Dato’ and wife left home early to prepare for another event which he was going to anchor in Melaka the following Monday. Everybody came to greet the Grandmaster goodbye and wishing him for a safe and pleasant drive back to Seremban.
Sarong swinging with the Prof.

At 10.30am the participants gathered on the beach with their colourful sarongs. It was time to learn sarung fighting techniques with our Grandmaster; Ajarn Prof. Jak Othman. He started with striking techniques using the sarung. Everybody was taught to tie a knot at one of the ends of their sarung. According to the Ajarn, in ancient time knuckle duster, coins and sometimes stone were hidden in this knot. With one simple overhead swing, he blasted his sarong at a wall and huge beach rock nearby. Bang!!!  It was stunning to see a common item of clothing can instantly turn deadly in the hand of an expert. The participants wasted no time, they hacked their sarongs on the walls and rocks nearby. The overhead smash was similar to the hammer fist which a phase 2 technique. Another is the side swing which is parallel to the ground, blasting the target from the side like the hook. The last striking method taught by the old Prof was the whipping technique. It works like the back fist , where it was shot straight out to the target with a snapping motion. The guys loved it. They strike the wall and huge beach rocks hundreds of times with those combos.

The Ajarn then move on to tying techniques. He demonstrated how you could tie your opponent up silly and completely helpless with a sarung. Can you imagine being tied up with your arm folded behind you and neck wrapped by the sarung? With one last simple move by the old man, the victim was choked! The finally technique of the day was even scarier! Imaging how your whole head is covered by a sarung and in that blinded situation your neck is wrapped and choked helplessly. This old man is a dangerous man! Around 11.15am the Ajarn ended the class promising the participants that he will do a revision session on sarung techniques when they all return to the studio.

The guys wasted no time. They headed back to beach for the last dip in the clear and refreshing water of Teluk Nipah. Around 1pm everybody checked out. It was brilliant quick getaway training cum holiday as Pendekar Ed Chard summarised it as ‘ a top weekend’. The next 4 ½ hours was a safe and obedient speed limit driving for everyone heading home. All participants would like to thank you Khru Nizam and his instructors for making the trip a great holiday for all.

When is the next Pangkor trip?
There are talks about having another trip with our UITM Shah Alam group, possibly in May 2013. It could be the 18 & 19 May 2013 before the coming school holidays.  Other possible dates could be 15& 16 June 2013 after the school holiday rush. Don’t worry we will keep you posted.

A totally satisfied participant.
Subang jaya 15th April 2013.  

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11 April 2013

Jak Othman Kickboxing & Martial Arts Studio (JOKMAS) is a centre of excellence for Asia Pacific Open University of Martial Arts (APACMA) run by the Open Martial Arts Academy which represents  the Faculty of Martial Arts for the American University based in California USA. Open Martial Arts Academy is a registered body in Malaysia. Our Grandmaster Ajarn Pendita Jak Othman is a Professor and a member of senate of APACMA.  

JOKMAS members are eligible to enrol as Diploma and Degree students of APACMA. Courses are offered from two departments, Kickboxing & Bladetech. Kickboxing department offers courses for  Diploma &  Bachelor of Arts Degree for Fitness & Combat Kickboxing. Students who have completed JOKMAS Phase 1 & 2 of Kickboxing are eligible for Diploma of Arts. Phase 3 students are eligible for a Bachelor of Arts- Fitness and Combat kickboxing. The Bladetech department are offering courses for Diploma of Arts : Gayong Harimau Silat,  and Bachelors in Arts: Harimau Berantai Silat. JOKMAS Bladetech students who have completed level 1 and level 2 of Gayong Harimau Silat course are eligible for a Diploma. Level 3 students who have completed the Harimau berantai silat weapons course are eligible for a Bachelor of Arts degree.      

Diploma students will continues their studies in Sport science level 1, business & marketing, do electives studies and complete a written project for their finals assessment. Bachelor students must complete sport science level 1 & 2, business & marketing studies, do electives and complete a written project for their final assessment. Successful students will receive their respective certificates from Asia Pacific Open University USA.

Our two senior instructors  Khru Nizam and Mr. Nurul Ilmi are enrolling for their APACMA Master in Martial Arts degree. Instructors Puteri Nuraqidah and Jordan Neow will be enrolling for APACMA Diploma of Arts- Fitness & Combat kickboxing. Those who are interested, please find out more about the courses from the instructors. Do check out the university website at www.apacuniversity.com.

The academy graduates at the 2nd Convocation at Menara TM on July 8 2012.

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