Fight Nights With Jak Othman

Time: 8-10pm
Days & Venue: Tuesdays Subang Studio, Fridays PJ Studio

This session is specially created for members phases 2 and above, focusing on sparring, tactical, defensive and combative techniques of Muay Boran/ Tomoi.

For those interested in sparring techniques or looking forward to polish your fighting skills, this IS THE CLASS FOR YOU. This is not another sport based, ring 'thing' you'll find in other gyms and fight stables. You won't be learning about how to fight for 2-3 minutes but instead, you'll be learning how to survive your most crucial 5 seconds in a real life battle of life and death!

Want to join?

Get yourself certified for Phase 1 and Phase 2. This is an EXCLUSIVE class meant for Phases 2 and above! That means, you will only be allowed to join the class once you've gotten your minimum Phase 2 certification.

Thank you and best regards,

สิงหสิทธิ์ ศรียะพันธ์
Singha-siddh Sriyapant @ H.M. Khen

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