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If you'd like to keep yourself up to date with the latest news on courses, seminars/camps and events with Jak Othman Kickboxing & Martial Arts studio via sms/email, please go to WWW.JAKICKBOXING.COM and send us your contact via the multipurpose contact form found in the website.


Just logon to our site (WWW.JAKICKBOXING.COM) and send in your NAME, MOBILE PHONE NUMBER and EMAIL ADDRESS. For any inquiries, etc. kindly email to ABSOLUTELY NO CHARGES FOR ANY SMS SENT TO YOU!


Attention all members, students and fellow instructors, we are currently looking for quality photos to be uploaded to the site's gallery. If you think that you would like to contribute, kindly send in your photos to (think of those unforgettable moments in your life... the events, the records, the things you've always wanted to show to the world. This is your chance!).

All current ant past instructors are also encouraged to send in your basic information (self described) such as full name, nicknames, profession, previous martial art experiences/qualifications, achievements etc. A photo is also required for our instructor profiling section which will be showcased in our website. Kindly disseminate this message to your students/ friends/ contacts.

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