By Singha-siddh S.

Regardless of whether you train in a traditional school of martial arts or in an ultra modern urban gym, group or individual, your coach plays an important role in shaping the way you train.

Think of them as your best friend at gym while you’re working out. A good coach will always remind you about your weaknesses and areas where you should improve on. He or she is usually a patient person who will stand by with you throughout your time of learning from the basics to the fundamentals. A hopeless coach is one who will set his mind on his money and personal agenda above anything else.

A coach should be someone who is able to address your strength and weaknesses, be a kind of refuge while dealing with your fears and anxiety in achieving your goals. In other words, they should be someone you can look up to, not because of their position, but by the merit that they have earned. A coach is one who can be trustworthy and compassionate.

As a trainee, one should also develop patience with their coaches and the training they are going through. Expectations and preconceived ideas should be set aside while in class. A good coach may not necessarily be a good fighter. Likewise, a good fighter might not necessarily make an excellent coach.

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