By Singha-siddh S.

"Overcome the angry by friendliness,
overcome the wicked by goodness,
overcome the miser by generosity,
overcome the liar by truth...

He who neither punishes,
nor makes others punish,
He who neither steals,
nor makes others steal,
who in friendly goodwill
shares with all that lives,
such kind gentle one meets
no enmity anywhere...

Train yourself in doing only what is good,
that will last and bring great happiness!
Cultivate generosity, a peaceful living,
and a mentality of infinite friendliness..."

(Taken from the Dhammapada and Itivuttaka)


Mind over matter! Sometimes, people tend to 'relieve' themselves of stress through vigorous training and physical activities. However, in truth, it is simply a momentary channeling of energy and thoughts.

Training moderately, with focus on physical objects are simply for our physical well-being. Training the mind helps us balance our lives, physically and mentally.

There will be occasions where we must observe and 'listen' to our inner voice and find solutions with overcoming negativities , differentiating which should be beneficial or not, in terms of actions. In this way, we also train ourselves to be a better listener, understanding our inner selves (note: this is not about following or feeding your ego, being indifferent to others or simply not wanting to adhere to specific rules and regulations, etc.).

Regardless of being an athlete, sportsperson or 'Martial Artist', a good mental foundation equates to a better quality of life. With this, we can truly achieve a balanced life with a healthy body and mind.

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